Serenity Cafe Lifetime Membership

Serenity Cafe' Lifetime Membership

A comprehensive treasure chest of resources to create serenity, enhance personal growth and heal from the past!

Use these resources on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Audio and Video Libraries are available to you anywhere, anytime. Put in the earbuds and relax on the bus, in the break room, anywhere you are!

For maximum benefit, Serenity Cafe Lifetime Membership combines tools for managing the stress of today with tools for eliminating emotional wounds of the past.

Members have Spoken! They overwhelmingly Chose the Lifetime Membership over a lower annual subscription! So, no more annual subscriptions. Now you get LIFETIME access to the Abundance of Tips and Tools for Personal Growth at Serenity Cafe' for a one-time payment OR three smaller monthly payments - Once Forever!


Members May Request all of The Printed Books

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All Serenity Cafe Academy Ecourses are Included!

PLUS, Ecourses for Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

PLUS, Mini-Ecourses for & Thawing the Iceberg Ebooks...

The Virtual Classroom is Loaded with Mini-Ecourses!

Many More Like this one in the Virtual Classroom...

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